Club Party Drug Addiction

In the 1980s there was the rise of “raves” or all-night dance parties.  Sadly, there was more involved than dancing.  It included a plethora of recreational and dangerous drug usage:
Ecstacy Rohypnol
Ketamine GHB or liquid ecstasy
LSD Magic mushrooms

These are not naturally occurring substances, but are manufactured chemically in illegal laboratories.  There are no health or safety standards and not even consistent formulas.  In fact some are supplemented with other substances that are poisonous or combined can become lethal.  These concoctions are mixed without regard to effects or consequences.

These party drugs can have far reaching significance since it can drastically alter the brain’s chemistry sometimes permanently.  It is not only a psychological dependence to enhance the evening’s revelry but can stimulate the desire to increase quantities and dosages.

Using our holistic approach, OMARR treats with a sympathetic concern without assessing blame.  Understanding the need for spiritual, social, and community concerns we are able to effectively create a plan for long-term recovery free from self-destruction.  The plan is always adjusted for the need of the client.
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Ottawa Maberly Addiction Rehabilitation Residence is an 8-bedroom residential addiction treatment facility for adults, specializing in chronic relapse cases.

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