Relapse Prevention

Maintaining sobriety outside the clinical atmosphere is always a challenge.  Our program at Ottawa Maberly Rehabilitation Addiction Residence helps our clients realize the barriers to a successful clean life.  We help the client discover for themselves the triggers (situations, emotions, people, etc.) that can lead to destructive behavior.  Learning coping skills, communication, anger management, and other life skills, the client is empowered to maintain a strong and ongoing success.

Relapse can begin even before using.  It can start with a reminder, old routines, or acquaintances.  By incorporating strategies learned at OMARR, the client has a better understanding of themselves and how they can manage and modify their behavior to maintaining sobriety.

Sobriety, like life, is a continual learning experience.
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Ottawa Maberly Addiction Rehabilitation Residence is an 8-bedroom residential addiction treatment facility for adults, specializing in chronic relapse cases.

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