Family Program

At OMARR we believe that addiction is a family issue, not just an individual one. Addiction permeates the family unit through manipulation, lying, stealing, cheating along with the pain that comes with watching a loved one spiral out of control. This program aims to better the skills needed to combat addiction and provide positive and healthy support to your family member.

Research shows that there is a link between inclusion and support from family and peers to the likelihood of successful recovery from addiction. Sometimes the lines of support are crossed and we become enablers, co-dependents or we block our loved ones from our lives. These are all detrimental to their sobriety and to a functional, cohesive family unit.

OMARR provides family and loved ones with a resource booklet to review at their own pace and welcome family members to participate in the Family Program that is held on Sunday’s during visitation hours. The purpose of the program is to enhance family member’s understanding of addiction and the role they play in the recovery process. We encourage you to ask any questions to our on-site counselors regarding this program.

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