Financing plans are available On Approved Credit (OAC).

Smoking is allowed in designated areas.

There is a phone at the facility to make calls to family and friends, at the discretion of their counsellor. If phone use will not hinder the client’s process they will be allowed to access their personal phone at designated times and areas.

Yes. Visitors are welcome during visitation hours from an approved list of people. Support from family and friends is encouraged.

If medical detox is required we will refer you to appropriate facilities. Transportation from locations is provided by OMARR.

Bring: Health Card and photo ID; vitamins and medication in original packaging, jacket/coat, casual clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for the weather, sleepwear, gym clothes, running shoes, swimsuit, socks underwear, shampoo, soap, toothbrush/toothpaste, shaving kit, water bottle. Not to bring: any drug or alcohol related products (E.g. mouthwash) or paraphernalia. All items entering will be subject to inspection. OMARR reserves the right to refuse entry of any items at their discretion.

Client will be admitted to the treatment program that is most adapted to their needs.

We prefer that clients not drive themselves to the centre. Transportation can be arranged for pick up and drop off. All transportation during stay is provided by OMARR.

At OMARR’s private facility, we provide personalized service and programming to meet the needs and requirements of each individual client. Our residential facility provides a family oriented setting rather than an institutional setting.

The facility is in the village of Maberly, Ontario just off Highway 7. One-hour West of Ottawa and one-hour North of Kingston.

This facility is co-ed however bedrooms are split into male and female.


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Ottawa Maberly Addiction Rehabilitation Residence is an 8-bedroom residential addiction treatment facility for adults, specializing in providing evidenced based care for substance use disorder.

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305 Maberly Elphin Rd.

Maberly, ON

K0H 2B0

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Staff on site 24/7:  613-200-HELP (4357) 

OFFICE: 613-268-2222 

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